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Zody Chair by Haworth

The only chair to be authorized by the American Physical Therapy Association, the Zody is certified Cradle to Cradle Gold.

This chair features a wide range of adjustments, allowing users to achieve the pinnacle of comfort. Arms can be adjusted not only for height, but also for side angle, moved forward or back, and left or right.

The seat can be moved forward and back as well as adjusted for height. Lumber can be adjusted and the recline tension can also be altered.

In addition to moving the lumbar forward and back, it can also be moved up and down. Every facet of comfort was considered with this chair, and users are certain to find the perfect adjustments for them.

Environmentally friendly, the Zody is built out of 50% recycled materials. The manufacturer is environmentally friendly and the chair is built with the environment in mind. The soft mesh back is combined with a flex frame that will help you stay comfortable throughout the workday.

The soft arm caps are soft enough for the arms while the extensive positioning options will keep them right where they are needed. Some users found that the adjustments were actually too easy to move as they could be accidentally knocked out of position.

When choosing a new desk chair for the home office or business it is important to consider more than just the price. The style of the chair is important, as well as the features that it offers.

Chairs that will keep people comfortable and safely positioned will help prevent injury, reduce the number of sick days taken and even increase productivity. The less time a person has to spend adjusting the chair or trying to get comfortable in it, the more time they can spend working.

A price can not be placed on true comfort and being able to work for long periods of time without back pain is truly priceless.

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