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What is Ergonomic Desk Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Chair
Once upon a time, the preferred desk chair consisted of some cushioning and armrests – period and end of story. Not much thought was given to the chair’s overall design beyond nominal comfort and rudimentary functionality. Countless men and women in the workplace and at home sat in desk chairs that were, in truth, not especially comfortable or even practical.

Happily, the ergonomic desk chair has arrived. Increasing numbers of businesses and individuals are taking closer looks at what these specially designed chairs have to offer. Corporate America, too, is slowly but surely recognizing that a good chair is also good for business.

One of the more common afflictions – for young and old alike – is back pain. If ever there was a recipe for back trouble, sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours upon hours is it. The good news is that ergonomic desk chairs have your weary lower back in mind. They are expressly designed to counter the inevitable stress inflicted on your lower back after extended stretches of sitting.

So, what exactly makes an ergonomic desk chair different from the more traditional chairs that all of us know and don’t love? Above all, ergonomic office seating supplies lumbar support – lower back relief. These chairs understand that the lumbar spine curves inward and requires support, without which awkward and, yes, unhealthy slouching occurs.

The right ergonomic desk chairs provide height adjustments, too, which allow users to have their feet flat on the floor and not dangling uncomfortably in space. They meticulously assure that their users thighs and arms correspond with desk height – not higher or lower.

The optimum ergonomic desk chair accounts for width and depth – enough to permit users of any size or shape to recline comfortably against the backrest, which most conventional desk chairs entirely ignore. They don’t give short shrift, either, to the materials that go into the seating, supple cloth fabrics trump harder, rougher surfaces every time.

Conscientious ergonomic office seating also focuses on armrests, they are always adjustable to ensure that users can unwind contentedly with completely relaxed shoulders at any given moment. And finally, the very best ergonomic desk chairs swivel and enable users to reach for whatever their hearts desire without any undue stress and strain on their body parts.

The most famous manufacturers of ergonomic desk chairs are Herman Miller, Steelcase, Humanscale & Knoll. There are many “knock-off” ergonomic chairs on the market but when you’re buying from any of the above-mentioned companies, you are safe in knowing they have spent millions of dollars and years of scientific testing to perfect their chairs. All of the main players in the ergonomic desk chair market can be seen in the ergonomic chair reviews section.

Ergonomic office seating is in vogue for sound reasons. We are a more health conscious society than in the past. And ergonomics is essentially about maximizing good posture and good health. Something as simple as the right chair in your work and home lives can immeasurably benefit your overall health and wellness.

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