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The Best Ergonomic Desk Chair

Humanscale Freedom ChairThe science of ergonomics understands what equipment design can mean to both short-term and long-term health and wellness. In fact, once you’ve experienced the soothing embrace of an ergonomic desk chair, the pedestrian, on-sale-for-$49.99 office chair will seem more like punishment than a place to rest your weary bones.

There are multiple competitors in the ergonomic desk chair marketplace. The Aeron chair, for one, is among the trailblazers. Aeron chairs come in three sizes and are adjustable to fit the distinctive body contours of its users.

The Aeron chair sports a tilt mechanism that facilitates effortless weight shifts and reduces strain on both your back and neck. Its adjustable lumbar pads reinforce back support. Aeron chairs’ arms are likewise adjustable to match your particular height requirements.

The chair also uses a Pellicle material instead of foam, which encourages more airflow and better distribution of ever shifting body weights. This is a high quality chair, very pricey, but perhaps just a tad bit old-fashioned in light of recent innovations.

The Leap chair is another ergonomic competitor garnering good review. Essentially, this chair’s design replicates your spine’s every move. When you move your back, the chair moves with you. When you move your arms, the chair likewise moves with you.

The Embody chair is a third highly regarded player in the ergonomic desk chair arena. It champions both contemporary style, visual appeal, and up to date ergonomic technologies. Embody chairs’ backs are “S” shaped, not to boast any “Super Chair” status, but to neatly harmonize with the spine’s comparable curvature. Embody chairs are also manufactured with nearly 100% recyclable materials, which is greatly prized in today’s culture of waste.

And last, but certainly not least, is the Freedom chair, which boasts an unbeatable one-two punch of maximum ergonomic advantages and minimal fine-tuning. The simple beauty of the Freedom chair is that once you’ve settled upon your personal fittings, there is nothing more to do. The Freedom chair’s ergonomic mantra is that free movements, if you will, are indispensable to energy, stress reduction, and general physical well being. And that constantly fiddling with adjustments and locking devices interferes with effortless movements and sustained comfort.

The Freedom chair truly is unquestionably an ergonomic desk chair for the twenty-first century. It supplies all of the best features of its more elaborate competitor chairs like the Aeron and Leap, but is sans any mechanisms and controls. The Aeron, Leap, and Embody chairs are all topnotch, but the Freedom chair has definitely blazed new ground by combining ergonomic comforts with exceptional user-friendliness.

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