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Steelcase Leap Chair

Steelcase Leap Chair

Manufacturer: Steelcase
Models: One Model (Armless or Adj Arms)
Sizes: One Size Fits All
MSRP: $1055.00
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The Leap Chair by Steelcase is one of the best-selling and highly rated ergonomic desk chairs on the market. Winner of numerous awards, the Leap is considered one of the greatest in desk chair breakthroughs.

Steelcase spent four years of research using 27 scientists, 11 studies and 732 test participants to perfect the Leap Chair. The end result is a desk chair that “fits like a glove” and moves ask your body moves.

The back of the chair moves as your back moves, arms as your arms move and seat moves as your seat moves. This is the first desk chair that changes shape to mimic and support the movement of your spine. At the core of its design is Steelcase’s LiveBack technology: which allows the back of the seat to change shape to support your entire spine.

The Leap also includes Thermal Comfort technology, which through slats in the back and seat, along with special foam seating, allow the chair to provide breathability. This controls the balance of heat and mositure to keep your body at a comfortable temperature.

The seat height is adjustable. The lower back firmness control enables you to set constant amount of firmness to maintain your lower spine’s natural curve. The arms of the chair move in and out, forward and back. The natural glide system allows the seat to glide forward so you can recline without leaving your vision and reach zone. The flexible seat edge relieves pressure on the back of your legs.

This “one size fits all” Leap Chair is tested to handle up to 300 lbs and is backed by Steelcase’s lifetime warranty. As mentioned above, the Leap has been widely acclaimed and has won numerous awards. It is the winner of The Most Innovative Design Award (NeoCon), Editor’s Choice Award (NeoCon), Best of NeoCon for desk seating, Grand Prize Winner for Workplace Productivity by Buildings magazine’s Innovations Awards and Wall Street Journal’s award winner for Best Overall Desk Chair.

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