Steelcase Cobi Chair

Manufacturer: Steelcase
Models: One Model (Armless or Arms)
Sizes: One Size Fits All
MSRP: $439.00 – $479.00
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Steelcase Cobi desk chair is a special type of ergonomic desk chair designed by Steelcase specifically for group collaborative meetings. Their research found that people behave differently during collaborative meeting situations than when they are sitting at their own desk.

Steelcase found that collaboration takes time and people tend to not adjust their chairs in these situations. Instead, these sitters tend to change their postures frequently during their long meetings.

This requires an ergonomic desk chair that will automatically adjust to the sitter’s posture and provide comfort for long time periods.

The Cobi desk chair comes with the following features. A flexing top edge allows the sitter to rest their arm on top of the chair & supports a variety of sitting postures.

A flexing back allows for support & comfort while adjusting to the users back automatically. A flexing seat allows the sitter to vary his/her sitting style by moving & shifting – and still being comfortable.

Like other Steelcase chairs, the Cobi also comes with a weight-activated mechanism that senses the sitters center of gravity and automatically adjusts to put the least amount of stress to the user’s body while allowing the sitter to be fully supported and comfortable.

Of course, the Cobi also allows the sitter to adjust the seat height.

The Cobi desk chair is perfect for your conference room, where the goal is to promote innovation & creativity while providing comfort & ergonomic support to all your employees.

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