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Steelcase Chairs

Steelcase Cobi Desk Chair

Steelcase Cobi Chair

(Price: $439 – $479)

Steelcase Cobi desk chair is a special type of ergonomic desk chair designed by Steelcase specifically for group collaborative meetings. Their research found that people behave differently during collaborative meeting situations than when they are sitting at their own desk.

Steelcase Leap Chair

Steelcase Leap Chair

(Price: $879 – $1329)

The Leap Chair by Steelcase is one of the best-selling and highly rated ergonomic desk chairs on the market. Winner of numerous awards, the Leap is considered one of the greatest in desk chair breakthroughs.

Steelcase Think Chair

Steelcase Think Chair

(Price: $689 – $729)

Following the award-winning tradition of its Leap Chair, Steelcase has outdone itself with the creation of Think Chair. Using the simplest and most streamlined of Steelcase’s principles in office seating, Think Chair is stylish, highly adaptable and also the recipient of numerous awards.