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Leap Chair by Steelcase

In the arena of ergonomic office chairs, it seems as if the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is the top dog. There are tons of articles and websites devoted to this ergonomic chair – as the Aeron has turned something into a status symbol (think: Tiffany’s Diamonds vs Sam’s Club Diamonds).

But just because the Aeron is popular, does that mean it’s the BEST chair? Well, that’s up for debate and depends on individual body types and tastes.

A strong competitor of the Aeron Chair is the Leap Chair by Steelcase. The Leap is nothing to sneeze at – since it is also very popular and has won a trophy case full of design awards.

The difference between the Aeron Chair and Leap Chair are striking. The Aeron is a mesh chair, the Leap uses a gel cushion. The Aeron comes in 3 difference sizes and is full of knobs and levers to adjust every little thing. The Leap Chair comes in one size and most of the adjustments are automatic.

Some people find the Aeron to be too complex and that’s where the Leap Chair comes in – with its simplicity and ease of use. The Leap moves with your body, with its patented LiveBack technology which imitates your spines movements to give you a comfortable sitting experience.

It also won Wall Street Journal’s award for best overall desk chair (take than Aeron). Steelcase Chairs has seemed to perfect ergonomic with all of its chairs.

So which one will you choose? Are you looking for a status symbol boost or a good workhorse underdog chair? You really can’t go wrong with either chair as both has won numerous awards and is highly durable. It’s like choosing between Coke or Pepsi. Which one will you choose?