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Knoll Generation Chair

The Generation Chair by Knoll provides users with a mixture of an impressive range of movement and amazing ergonomic performance. The back is completely breathable, helping you to stay cool and comfortable.

With sleek lines and a modern look, it is an attractive addition to most offices. The back material flexes, allowing users to twist, turn and move around in the chair as they need to throughout the day.

The backrest will mold to the person sitting in the chair, and the optional lumbar support is ideal for providing lower back support.

While this chair won’t help relieve back pain, it also won’t cause uncomfortable back pain.

The seat of this chair may not work for all users. Designed out of firm foam that is surprisingly thin, some people found the strips of the seat support to be uncomfortable. Knoll does offer a thicker seat cushion, and it is recommended that buyers take advantage of this option. There is no charge for it, and the thicker seat cushion should prevent users from feeling the supporting strips.

The great selling feature of this chair is the flexibility of the back. Ideal for leaning back and moving around, it is not necessarily the best choice for a task chair where one might be working at a computer for eight hours or more.

However, as a conference room chair the Generation would excel. The flexibility and comfort when moving would be ideal for conferences and meetings. There is no need to readjust the chair when changing positions, making the perfect choice for situations where people would like to move around and shift positions in their seats.

Knoll offers a ten year warranty on the chair frame and a three year warranty on the upholstery.

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