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Humanscale Liberty Chair

Humanscale Liberty ChairThe Liberty Chair by Humanscale sets a new bar for performance, simplicity, elegance and comfort. The Liberty combines an easy to use ergonomic desk chair with Humanscale’s form-sensing mesh technology.

Just like the Freedom Chair, the Liberty comes with an automatic weight-sensitive recline system. It also has a self-adjusting recline system.

There are no tension springs to adjust or recline locks to set. The recline automatically adjusts to the changing needs of the user’s spine.

The chair is made with a low abrasion mesh that protects your clothing. The chair comes with adjustable or fixed armrests, which stay with the body during recline; making for a comfortable sitting posture.

The Freedom Chair is the poster-child for simplicity, coming with only two controls; one to adjust the height of your seat and one to adjust seat depth.

Made to fit 95% of the population, the Freedom Chair is rated to fit people 5’0 – 6’4 feet tall; weights from 100 – 300 lbs. This chair is perfect for you if you’re looking for an automatically adjusting ergonomic desk chair with the advanced comfort of form-sensing mesh technology.

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Humanscale Freedom Chair

Humanscale Freedom Chair

With the Freedom Chair, Humanscale was looking to create a desk chair that gives maximum ergonomic benefit with minimum number of manually adjusted controls. Their design worked since the Freedom Chair is the winner of 10 international design awards for its revolutionary ergonomic features and ease of use.