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How to Buy an Aeron Chair on Ebay

How to adjust an ergonomic desk chairNowadays, hunting for bargains on eBay is ingrained in the cultural fabric. So, when it comes to a pricey ergonomic desk chair like the Aeron chair, checking out what eBay has to offer makes a lot of sense.

Nevertheless, before bidding on an Aeron chair, or any other brand of office chair, it’s imperative that you do your homework.

When purchased from an authorized Aeron chair dealer, this ergonomic sensation comes attached to the comprehensive Herman Miller twelve-year warranty. And since these warranties are non-transferable, an unauthorized seller cannot supply you with that essential protection, in the event that something goes wrong with the chair.

Remember: What separates the ergonomic desk chair from the mundane office chair is its perpetual fine-tuning to your every body move. Malfunctions matter.

While searching for an Aeron chair on eBay, consider the various sellers’ feedback ratings. What are customers saying about them? If you are buying from an authorized dealer on the auction site, you are assured of getting both a new chair and the coveted warranty. But if you are looking elsewhere, pay particular attention to the chair’s description and images. And be especially leery of any “like new” tag.

Calling an ergonomic desk chair “like new” is something of a red flag. Reconditioned chairs are frequently advertised as new and like new. The telltale signs of reconditioning are touchups on scuffs, re-colored fabrics, painted parts, and plastic knobs on the legs. A brand new Aeron chair should have absolutely no wear on its arms or fabric particles under its seat.

While caution on eBay is surely the byword, there are nonetheless genuine ergonomic desk chair bargains to be found. You should know that many bidders watch items of interest to them, but don’t place their bids until the closing moments of auctions. You could be the sole bidder on an ergonomic desk chair for virtually the entire duration of an auction. Then, lo and behold, somebody outbids you in the final seconds.

If you really want a particular Aeron chair from an eBay seller, determine the maximum amount you are willing to pay for it, and let eBay in what is called proxy bidding bid for you up to that sum. Just never take anything for granted in online auction participation. Thoroughly investigate sellers and their offers, and be cognizant of bidding ways and means.

There’s little doubt that you can find a good price for an Aeron chair on eBay. But you want to make absolutely certain it’s also a good deal. If you complete your due diligence and abide by the consumer maxim “buyer beware”, the eBay experience can be very rewarding.

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