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How to Adjust an Ergonomic Desk Chair

The ergonomic desk chair might just be the best thing that’s ever happened to the workplace. Sitting for eight or more hours in an uncomfortable and inappropriate chair does a number on your neck, back, and legs. Fortunately, ergonomic chairs neatly blend the concept of comfort with overall good health and wellness. And because they simultaneously reduce employee fatigue and increase productivity, employers, too, realize the benefits of these exceptional chairs.

The science of ergonomics is primarily interested in putting you in a chair that neatly harmonizes with your body size. When you get your ergonomic chair, whether in the office or at home, it’s incumbent upon you to establish the chair’s proper height in relation to your own height. You accomplish this task by fixing the seat height at a level commensurate with your knees. And once you’ve settled upon the correct height, make certain, too, that your legs have sufficient room to roam beneath your desktop.

Cast your eyes next on the backrest. Getting the backrest adjustment right is critical to both good posture and long-term relaxation. The reason the traditional desk chair is so often a harbinger for future back problems is because its sole purpose is for sitting in it. The typical office chair has no grander aims.

So, using the backrest tilt apparatus on your ergonomic desk chair, adjust it, trying every conceivable combination of positions, until you feel what could best be described as a satisfying firmness. The chair’s backrest should be securely sustaining your resting back, particularly the lower half.

Now come the adjustments to the armrests. Many people give their desk chair’s armrests short shrift, assuming they are less important to overall comfort than backrests. But the truth is that they are indispensable players. Ergonomic desk chairs are the sum of all their parts. Discomfort and stress in one area of the body, like the arms and shoulders, impacts all the others, including the neck and back.

To accurately fine-tune the armrests for your body contours, sit perfectly erect in the chair, with your feet flat to the flooring. Set the armrest heights at the point where your elbows merely skim them. This level is considered the pinnacle of proper posture, specifically as it relates to your shoulders and the upper part of your back.

Ergonomic chairs feature adjustable parts for the soundest of reasons. The science of ergonomics is really all about plugging in your unique body coordinates and designing a chair’s dimensions just for you. Taking the requisite time to get it right is definitely worth the minimal effort because there are countless physical benefits to be reaped, in both the short-term and the long-term, by using these special chairs in lieu of the one-size-fits-all office dinosaurs that so many of us are accustomed to.

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