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Best Ergonomic Mesh Office Chairs

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Desk Chair

*Many sizes, shapes & knobs. Good for large frames*

The Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is one of the best office chairs available. It is often regarded as the benchmark in ergonomic desk chair seating. Designed by Don Chadwick & Bill Stumpf in 1994 specifically for Herman Miller, the Aeron Chair has gone on to win numerous awards for its novel design.

Humanscale Liberty Chair

Humanscale Liberty Desk Chair

The Liberty Chair by Humanscale sets a new bar for performance, simplicity, elegance and comfort. The Liberty combines an easy to use ergonomic desk chair with Humanscale’s form-sensing mesh technology.

Knoll Chadwick Chair

Knoll Chadwick Desk Chair

Knoll’s Chadwick Chair is designed by the legendary Don Chadwick, co-creator of the famous Aeron Chair. With the Chadwick Chair, Don wanted to produce a refreshingly simple desk chair with streamlined form and smart engineering.

Knoll Generation Chair

Knoll Generation Desk Chair

The Generation Chair provides users with a mixture of an impressive range of movement and amazing ergonomic performance. The back is completely breathable, helping you to stay cool and comfortable.

Knoll Life Chair

Knoll Life Desk Chair

Knoll designed the Life Chair with intuitive adjustments and a slim silhouette. The end result is a multiple-award winning sleek mesh ergonomic desk chair. Knoll touts simple intuitive controls making for a comfortable sitting experience.