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Aeron Chair Sizes & Models

The Aeron Chair comes in three sizes and a couple of different models.

The reason for all these variations is that the designers wanted this ergonomic desk chair to fit all the different body sizes in the world.

First things first – Herman Miller Aeron Size Chart:

You need to figure out if your body type requires a Size A, B or C.

herman miller aeron chair size chart
(Photo by ShopSeating.com)

For example, if you are 5’5 and weigh 190lbs – the size B would be the best option for you. If you are taller and weigh more, then pick size C. Pretty easy.

Next step is to figure out what model you’ll want. The Aeron Chair comes in a Basic & Highly Adjustable model. The difference is price as well as the number of knobs and adjustments.

Options Highly Adjustable Basic
Pneumatic Lift Y Y
Knee Tilt Y Y
Tilt Tension Y Y
Adjustable Arms Y N (fixed)
Tilt Limiter Y N
Forward Tilt Y N
Adjustable Lumbar Y Y (optional +$40)
PostureFit Y (optional +$20) N
12-Year Warranty Y Y
Price $869 $679

The bottom line: If you are going to spend upwards of $679 to get a new Aeron chair – I highly recommend spending the extra $200 to get the fully loaded highly adjustable version.

The adjustable arms are worth it by itself – plus all the other numerous adjustments will make a big difference.

Plus – an Aeron is usually a one-time purchase – so get the best version you can afford because you’ll be sitting on it for a long time.