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Aeron Chair Parts

If you’ve had your Aeron Chair for a while (with heavy use!) – you may find yourself in the need of minor repairs

Since all new Aeron Chairs come with the Herman Miller 12-yr warranty – you may be able to get a free repair.

You’ll know if your chair has a warranty by checking under the seat – you should find a “born on date” sticker with the warranty information.

It will look something like this:

Aeron Chair Born on Date Warranty Sticker

If you don’t have a warranty – you can buy Aeron Chair parts and fix it yourself or take it to a repairman.

I’ll share some of the best places you can find good used aeron chair parts.

1. If your Aeron has a 12 year warranty

a. Repair service available all over USA – VitalityWeb

b. For people living near New York – Sam Flax

2. Buy OEM Aeron Chair parts:

a. eBay

b. VitalityWeb

3. How to Find Aeron Chair Repairmen

a. Craigslist – search for repairmen & ask if they know how to fix an office chair like an Aeron.

b. Yelp.com – many local repairmen have their listings & reviews on yelp.