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Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

If you’re looking to buy an ergonomic office chair and have done a little research (you must have if you’re reading this article!) – then you have no doubt heard about the aeron chair by herman miller.

To say the Aeron Chair is popular is to put it mildly. Ever since it was designed & released to the world of office seating, the Aeron Chair has dominated the market because it is that good. It is the Mercedes of ergonomic office seating.

This chair is this popular and has a cult following because of its fine tuned ergonomic features. Basically, all parts of the chair are adjustable, to make sure you have the best sitting experience – and you’ll thank the Aeron if your job involves sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time (as most of us can relate to since our society is moving towards more jobs centered around the office and the computer).

Herman Miller designed the Aeron in a few different models to fit all the different body types of the world. For one, the Aeron comes in two models: the Basic version and the Highly Adjustable version.

The basic version comes with less features than the highly adjustable – for the price conscious customer (though it still rings up to around $679 for a new basic aeron). The basic comes with fixed arms. Has tilt adjustment (how far forward & back you can go) and pneumatic lift which helps you adjust the aeron up or down.

The Highly Adjustable Aeron Chair costs a couple hundred dollars more but has all the features enabled (tilt adjustment, adjustable arms, tilt limiter, pneumatic lift, choice of lumbar pad or posturefit for back support, etc).

The question is, which version will you buy? If you’re already planning on buying a top of the line ergonomic chair – you should buy an Aeron.

If you’re buying an Aeron and have your mind made up to spend up to $679 for a Basic version, why not upgrade to get all of the features of a Highly Adjustable version for just $200? This makes sense to me, I don’t know if it does for you.

It’s like buying a Mercedes Benz but the lowest version. At that point, might as well buy a top of the line Camry instead.

If you’re looking for a full review of the Aeron Chair, as well as places to buy it – and also a full review of all the ergonomic chairs that Herman Miller makes – visit http://www.ergonomicdeskchairguide.com/Reviews/Herman_Miller.